Silent Night (Overcoming “Fear-incited” Torture At Night)

The year has ended. And 2020 has been relentless in yielding its share of problems, pressures, and painful predicaments. People struggled to get a peaceful good night sleep. Too much going on in their minds to sleep well. Anxiety, fear, and troubles during the day wouldn’t let them sleep well at night. They tossed and turned. Some cried.

Night Time Torture

Night time torture is a tool the devil uses to discourage and incite fear. He talks all the time but especially at night. This pandemic has put people into a severe state of loneliness and anxiety. The devil has taken advantage of it. Maybe, you’ve not struggled with sleeplessness or take sleeping pills to help you sleep, but some do. The devil’s having a field-day torturing folks at night…causing anxieties. As a result of COVID-19, they’ve experienced devastating loss; they’re grieving the loss of family and friends. The devil’s messing with their minds and emotions. Though believers are not exempt from life’s happenings and understand the evil craftiness of the devil, it doesn’t stop him from talking loud and clear when the heat is turned up. He aims to discourage and ultimately cause spiritual weakening to defeat.

Fire Drills

Years ago, I learned, in school, how to react to a real fire, if one broke out, through mock fire drills. Students needed to know. So they assured we knew, in advance, the exact exit to take if one occurred. That knowledge would save lives. And when the heat is turned up in our own personal lives, and we’re experiencing fiery situations, we need to know exactly where and to whom we can go. It’s knowledge that will save lives too. The Word of God schools us on that knowledge. When we need guidance, we can go to Him. And when we need His help, we can go to Him! But, we need to know that we can go boldly to the throne of grace and find help in time of need, Hebrews 4:16.

The Heat is on

So the heat turned up in the life of a lot of folks this year in ways they never saw coming. For others, the heat turned up seven times hotter like as in the case of the three Hebrew boys, Daniel 3:19. Because Nebuchanezzar was furious, he changed his attitude towards them, and ordered their death in a furnace of fire. God came to their rescue, Daniel 3:24-25. The enemy’s no different from Nebuchanezzar. He is furious with God’s people and wants us silenced. He uses any and every situation he can to accomplish it. Because he’s so vicious, we need to know God’s character and His love.

Consolations in the Furnace of Affliction

Believers experience fiery furnaces. We have consolations prior to our experiences.

  • The devil has to get God’s permission to turn up the heat in our lives…really to do anything with our lives.
  • He gets his parameters from God, too! In Job’s case, Job 2:6, he went to God, got permission to touch Job’s life and left gleefully, I’m sure. He couldn’t wait to prove his point. And he couldn’t wait to make Job’s life a burning inferno.
  • Another consolation for us is that God’s parameters are not beyond our strength to endure. Aren’t we glad the devil has to get both God’s permission and parameters? God may allow what He allows but He has promised in Isaiah 43:2, that we will not be burned when we walk through the fire. God’s promises stand true. We must believe that if He allows us to walk through the fire, He will be with us and will put it out!

We have great promises but those promises don’t stop the enemy from talking and inciting fear by what we are experiencing. At any time, but especially at night time, he blows things out of proportion. He magnifies our problems to bring us to fear. I have my experiences, too:

My Torture
  • In September, I watched and exercised to a youtube video. I walked in place but at a very fast pace. Half-way through, I started feeling some kind of way. Immediately the enemy started talking…”you not feeling good, your heart is beating too fast, something bad is getting ready to happen.” Yes, there was alarm for about an hour or so. I paced back and forth. Sat down, then told myself, “don’t sit down, you’re not feeling good.” The enemy was talking for one purpose, to incite fear and make matters worst. What did I do? I changed my location and thoughts. After briefly talking to family about other things, I was okay. Sometimes, the solution is putting your mind on other things.
Another Time of Torture
  • On another occasion, I was in my bedroom and heard some commotion going on outside of the house. Immediately, my thoughts were, gunshots. The enemy started talking a mile a minute…you gone get shot. My heart’s racing. Eventually, I calmed down; but don’t think I didn’t have anxious concerns at bedtime that same night. I don’t recall exactly when but I found out that what I heard that night were firecrackers. My neighbor was the culprit.

I am not alone when it comes to the devil’s strategy. He will talk for hours if he’s not silenced by force. But when he talks, he lies like crazy. He’s the father of lies, John 8:44. And he succeeds with his lies. Unfortunately, he is good at convincing Believers to believe his lies. Unless the Word is slammed on him and his fear tactics, he will continue to talk.


FEAR is “false evidence appearing real.” We need to recognize it, and fight against fear. There’s torment in fear as the bible states, 1 John 4:18. Men’s hearts fail them for fear, Luke 21:26. It messes with your physical heart. There’s nothing good about fear incited by the devil.


I see in the word “fear” another word, “ear.” When I look at the word “heart,” I see other words but the word “ear” too: he, hear, ear, eat, and heat. When the heat is turned up in your life, let not your heart be troubled as Jesus once said in John 14:1. How do you do that? Eat and digest the Word of God as often as you can. Hear the Word as often as possible. It will save your heart some deterioration. And when the devil hears the Word, he shuts up! He can’t contend with the Word! So he leaves you alone, Matthew 4:1-11. Speak the Word to him in faith, he’s gone! Matter of fact, he will flee from you, James 4:7.


The scriptures say, in Revelations 2:17, “He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches…You want a silent night, a calm night, a peaceful night, a restful night, listen to the Comforter, the Spirit of God! Hear ye what the Comforter says rather than the devil. Allow the Spirit to talk to you in your night time season of troubling circumstances, rather than the wicked one. The Spirit may direct you to do something in order to resolve your issues. Whatever He says to you, do it…that’s what Mary said to the servants at the wedding in Cana. Make a choice to listen to God over the wicked one. Obey what He tells you to do. Speak the Word with force in his ears…he can’t stand the Word.

Hear From God

Unfortunately, the heat is on in 2021 because of events in 2020. And this pandemic has people walking in the midst of their own personal furnace of affliction, but God don’t lie as the devil. He has already stated, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous…the Lord delivers out of them all, Psalm 34:19. Yet and still, it’s not always easy to accept God’s truth when so many things are happening simultaneously. So heated situations will stay on our minds if we allow them to.

When an undiagnosed physical issue causes alarm because of the devil’s notions, it’s time to hear from God. Folks think they see a little bit of blood and without a diagnosis they declare it’s “cancer.” They’re afraid to go to the doctor. It’s always on their mind. By the time they get up the nerve to go to a doctor, they’ve already weakened their physical body in other ways because of fear–the mental trauma at night is bad.

Folks are despairing and fearing the worst because of this pandemic and now it’s variant. Any little thing triggers fear in them. They fear they will be the one to catch the virus because God don’t love them enough to protect them through this pandemic. The truth is, He does! You and I need to accept it The devil knows that, “Perfect love cast out fear” 1 John 4:18. When you and I accept the truth that He loves His children perfectly, we will not fear but rather see Him as a loving Father. We must silence the enemy with God’s Word and His character! But we must know it!

Silence the Enemy

This is not to discredit anyone’s predicament, It’s simply to help somebody realize God wants them to have a calm and peaceful night each night. He gives His beloved sleep, Psalm 127:2. So, when he starts talking, go straight to your exit…Jesus is your exit out! Call on Him. He’ll help you turn those thoughts off! Just ask Him to. Mark 4:35-41 is a prime example of going to Jesus immediately. A storm arose after the disciples got into a boat to go to the other side. They thought they were going to die; fear gripped them. The disciples went straight to Jesus! He put their fears to rest when He spoke the words, “peace, be still!” Friend, if you take the route of continuing to listen to the thoughts that alarm you, more physical issues, stress, and problems will be created.

A Tele-preacher’s Strategy

I heard a tele-preacher say, some months ago, when he was a boy, the enemy talked to him and told him he was gonna die. Now he’s a grown man and still living. He silenced the enemy with the Word! Another tele-preacher talked about a time he was so discouraged he wanted to quit the ministry. Instead, he put praise and worship music on and was healed from his discouragement.

Whatever works for you friend, silence the enemy! You give him an inch, he’s taking a mile. At night time is a good time to silence him. Your day will go so much better without his conversations.

Turn Up in the Word

If the enemy is torturing you at night, you may need to turn up the Word of God in your ears. See my blog, A Timeless Christmas Spirit to gain insight on how to turn up in the Word of God!

My prayer, if this is you, is that you will experience the phrase, silent night, “all is calm, all is bright,” at all times in your life. May you experience the peace and calm of God that surpasses all understanding as God desire you too.

We have another consolation regarding our heated situations–all is not in vain. God can turn up our love for Him by the things that we experience. A heated love for God is just what He wants! So why not allow your heated situation to set you on fire for God. But in the interim, if you want God to intervene into your situations, turn your issues over to Him, keep silent, and let Him fight for you…Exodus 14:14.

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