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Surprisingly, here’s an aspect of my life some don’t know about. It’s at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to books but it’s all about bookings. It’s fun. It’s relaxing. It’s rejuvenating. It’s adventurous. It’s once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s my passion! It’s my travel business called, VaNest Travels! It’s not about reading or writing books. It’s about booking hotels, rental cars, dream vacations, cruises, and resorts. It’s about get-a-ways. It’s about respite. It’s about immersing self in a de-stressed atmosphere that’s conducive to quality reading, meditation, and good living. It’s about laughter, fun, shopping, new scenes, guided tours, royal treatment, new experiences, silliness, and freedom to be you. It’s about strengthening family and friendship bonds……making lasting memories. It’s about taking exceptional and unforgettable vacations. It’s about not missing out on the pages of life that memorialize the beauty of life in a sweet way. It’s about travel!

  • VaNest Travels, LLC, started in January 2016. The name is derived from my original name, “Vanessa” and the word, “nest.” Why the word “nest” you may ask? It’s because travel is definitely a matter of leaving the nest (home). And it’s close in sound to my original name. Everybody should leave their comfortable nest and see other parts of the world!
  • I am a Travel Agent with resources you need! You want to book a group trips in your future? Check out my site, click here,  Trips are booked in as little time as possible. You can book travel (hotels, rental cars, resorts, and cruises), at discounted rates up to 67%, on the above website. Check it out because my algorithm checks other popular booking engines that you probably use to book your travel before returning with a discounted rate that’s lower than those rates. VaNest Travels, LLC is your one-stop travel stop! Book airline flights. Get access to a concierge via live chat. Just register and begin reaping the benefits of traveling at a much cheaper rate than others! How’s that for traveling at a discount especially when you love to travel? 
  • If the above is not enough, check this out! I am a Surge365 SBA (Surge Business Associate). Let me help you make a difference in your life through travel! People haven’t stop traveling! They just did less of it last year. This year, people are wanting to travel! They’re looking at the light at the end of the tunnel! Will you let your friends travel at a good rate but not you? Will you let others make big money in the travel industry, especially now that people are desperate to travel and not you! When you’re ready, send me an email at:

 I love to travel. The picture above was taken while I was in Puerto Rico in March 2016. It was fun times!

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