I Read It


I Read It  (Psalm 30:1-12)

If you haven’t already read the titled scripture in Psalm, read it now before continuing to read what’s written here. Psalm 30 is a very encouraging scripture passage. And while it is believed to be a Psalm of David, it speaks of God’s intervention when help was needed! God brought the Psalmist up out of a pit. He spared him. The Psalmist encourages God’s people to sing praises to Him. He gives reasons why praise is in order.

  • His anger endures for a moment
  • His favor lasts a lifetime
  • Weeping endures for a night; job comes in the morning
  • God answers when His people call
  • God shows mercy
  • God turns wailing into dancing
  • God clothes with joy

One of the attributes of God is “faithfulness.” The experiences of the Psalmist may not be your specific experiences but what we read about God here in His actions towards David is still true about Him.

God is still the same God as He was centuries ago. He still has the same love, forgiveness, power and desire to do today what He did for His people on yesterday! “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever” (Hebrews 13:8). I read it!