God Works

My Work History

I am a former employee with combined work experience of over 40 years. Now, I’m retired…thank God! It’s a good time to be retired because recently, 1 in 4 Americans in U.S. were out of work due to COVID-19. Over 40 million people filed an unemployment claim. No doubt, the loss created serious problems for some of them.

Retirees have guaranteed pay! Yet, I’m not insensitive to the fact that COVID-19 impacted some in ways they never imagined. Prior to retirement, I had two major jobs, Norfolk Police Department (NPD) from 1978-1983 and Department of the Navy (DON) Federal Government (Fed Gov) from 1983-2015. God’s orchestration was strong, the entire time, for both jobs. My focus here is my federal civilian career, though. He worked for me in 1983, prior to the start of it, continued to work throughout and had He not worked for me prior to the inauguration of it, my retirement would not be as sweet and wonderful years later. Needless to say, that’s how He works. He knows the end from the beginning and works according to perfect wisdom and knowledge.

God’s Timing

When I started working in 1983, I had no idea that God was operating in perfect timing at the beginning of my federal career for purposes of the end of it. Timing would be instrumental in the comfortable retirement I would later enjoy. Apart from His timing, I would’ve missed out on the federal retirement system I believe allows one to live comfortably on their retirement salary without social security, other retirement savings, or part time employment. Other federal employees, I know, feel the same way! God was keeping up with federal laws for my sake. He orchestrated my steps accordingly!

God Orchestrated Steps

After applying for federal positions in the administrative arena, He started orchestrating the actions of others. I couldn’t just put in an application and begin working, a skills test had to be taken, too. I complied, and took steps to get tested. Here’s a specific example of God’s orchestration regarding the skills test: a woman, unfamiliar to me, administered the skills test. I struggled to pass and qualify for entrance into the Fed Gov, but the Lord worked it out…it was a matter of the right person being at the right place at the right time. Our steps were ordered by the Lord! Had she not been on duty, I would not have gotten my foot in the door of the Fed Gov! Years later, I found out that unknown woman at the testing center was a Christian!

My First Federal Job

Finally, the day came in February 1983 when I got my first telephone call from a federal government manager wanting to interview me. He was a Christian. He selected me! God still at work on my behalf indeed. My first federal boss…a Christian man–God worked for me! Prior to getting the job, He worked! During my government tenure, He worked! Now, today, I’m blessed with good benefits after retirement, and He’s still working for me!

I Changed Jobs

Like many of my former colleagues, I changed jobs, too, a few times because employees can work for the Fed Gov and retain benefits, for retirement purposes, while going from job to job.

I know some non Federal workers who have concerns about their future retirement. They despise their current job, want a new job, but have too many years invested in their current job to move on. For them, to go from job to job means a loss of time and benefits. In hindsight, I know God WORKED for me! This type of forum won’t permit me to be specific in all the ways in which He worked for Vanessa but He’s WORKED many times!

2 thoughts on “God Works

  1. AMEN!! Praise GOD for using you to write this powerful and encouraging blog. Yes….GOD definitely Works!! Your testimonials are so authentic and can be used to encourage others who may be experiencing the same or similiar issues. GOD used you to write this at such an appropriate time with all the trials and tests that we are currently experiencing. Thank you for sharing your life experiences and being a testimony that GOD WORKS. I pray that so many people will be touched by this inspiring blog. Many blessings to you and thanks so much for being such an inspiration to the world. LUM!!

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