Read, Think, Speak

Read, Think, Speak……in that order.

It’s important to read. We have so much more to say when we read. Value is added to our lives. We embed thoughts in our minds. When we read, think, and speak, in that order, we not only add value to our lives but to others. Reading is one of two sources of our repertoire of words. The other one being what we hear. 

This old cliche is so on point, “you are what you eat”. Since it’s true, then we should be attentive to what we eat. Eat healthy, you reap the benefits of healthy eating. Eat junk food, eventually, the physical body will give expression to the junk food it has consumed over and over again. It’s just as important to be attentive to what you read as with eating. Your brain will digest those very words and thoughts. Researchers have found that there’s no greater superfood than a book. While reading anything that fills your mind and exposes you to new words, phrases, and facts carry mental benefits, I promote the Good Book. Why? God instructs us to read it and it’s more beneficial to us. The mind is exposed to what God says. The brain collects new words, facts, ideas, and phrases that are valuable to us. 

Any thoughts you currently have about yourself, or someone else, that belong in the trash can, read the Good Book and replace those thoughts with the thoughts of God. Before you speak a negative word out of your mouth about yourself, think about this, “death and life are in the power of the tongue” (Prov 18:21). How would you know that without reading the Good Book? How would you know this, “you are snared with the words of your mouth” (Prov 6:2), without reading the Good Book?

Read the Good Book to know what to think. Read it to know what to speak. Think (meditate) on what you read. Think before you speak.  Speak the Word over your situations and start living your best life.

Remember this, reading makes a statement about you. It leaves a lasting and good impression about the one who regularly gives attendance to reading.