“Three Times A Baby!”


“When my Mother and Father forsake me, then the Lord will take me up!” (Psalm 27:10)

     On May 2, 2019, I was reading one of my routine online devotionals when suddenly, the words, “baby, baby, baby” popped in my mind. I have no idea, “why.” So where did the repetitive trio come from?” Especially since I was fully engaged in Christ-centered readings at the moment! The inspiration for much of my teachings and writings come to me during devotional moments! The Lord, in a sudden, swift and surreptitious way drops intellectual nuggets in my spirit for future use. But the words, “baby, baby, baby!” What? Why? Who? Where? Purpose?

     Having not been saved all my life, my initial thought about the trio was a secular song from years ago. The lyrics of the song that I recall are, “baby, baby, baby, “baby, baby, baby, “baby, baby, baby, I got the feeling!” Of course, being born again way longer than I’ve not been, I don’t recall the entire secular song. But it did bring to mind another song…a gospel song! If you’ve been in church for a minute, you may know it…”I’ve got a feeling everything is going to be alright!” Some of the lyrics….”I’ve talked it over with Jesus and everything’s gonna be alright!” That song excited me many times! The truth is…how many Christians truly believe, when in the midst of fiery troubles, “everything’s going to be alright?” Now, I know the lyrics, “I’ve got a feeling” are problematic for some. I understand. You can’t rely on fickle feelings! You have to know that you are saved when you don’t feel like it. You have to know He’s faithful even when the reality of circumstances dictate discouragement. That’s why we learn of Him as He commanded us to do! I’ve learned my joy remains not because everything IS alright but because He IS faithful! Thus, it WILL be alright! Because of who He IS, I believe that my present situation IS what it will be at any given moment! That’s why Apostle John wrote this, “These things write I unto you that your joy might remain!” If I have the right knowledge about God, I will have the right outcome in life! When you know you’re His child joy remains! When you know He never changes, it’s difficult for circumstances to affect your joy negatively! The song references feelings based on the Word!

     Hold a doom and gloom conversation in your mind…I guarantee you will feel sad.  When you know in whom you believe, feelings change! A baby, in life, matures as knowledge increases! A babe in a marital relationship matures as knowledge increases! A babe in Christ, too, has the benefit of maturing in this Christian relationship through consistent Word study, prayer, and fasting. The results? An intimate relationship not easily severed! Relationship! Baby, two is better than one! Intimacy is a conductor! It drives feelings! A spouse may not be capable of resolving his/her babe’s devastating situation but “feelings” based on what they know will drive them to do what they can! Pray, fast, comfort, encourage! Feelings form thoughts! Thoughts drive actions! A spouse will make life easy for “babe!” They’ll take care of the one affectionately called, “babe” all because of knowledge-based feelings!

     Two men were on a road to Emmaus. Christ had just been crucified. A gloomy time for them….they felt sad. That’s until Jesus showed up! He’s alive! Their persona changed! Pure joy! All it took was awareness! If they had only believed He would rise again, they would not have experienced sadness! “Unbelief” is our issue too. We must believe when circumstances give us no reason to! I know it’s not always easy to believe but I’ve learned to inform my situations of true promises, of His infinite goodness, and once again, I feel like praising, praising HIM!” A thought of who He is is enough to put me into the mode of feeling good in the midst of a bad situation because He remains good! “I FEEL GOOD” not because of feelings but because of WORD truth that drives my emotions! His Word never changes, therefore, the sensation of joy remains consistent even when circumstances change!

     In God’s Word, we see good and bad, wrong and right, perfect and imperfect, happy and sad. Opposites! Life is full of opposites. The song, “I Won’t Complain” reference opposites….”I’ve had some good days, I’ve had some hills to climb, I’ve had some weary days, and some sleepless nights…..” The lyrics shift, “All of my good days, outweigh my bad days, I won’t complain!” Opposites! Good days! Bad days. Unfortunately, it’s our reality, the story of our lives.

     Okay, so what’s all this to do with the title, “Baby, baby, baby”? Think about it! Life is full of opposites. But a good parent, a good spouse, will take care of their baby! Whether times are good or bad, happy or sad, they will never entertain the thought, “I don’t feel like taking care of you today.” A good spouse may not be feeling their best, may not have the best, may not be able to afford the best of anything but their BABY, significant other, will be well taken care of! “Baby” has privileges! Some of you have been somebody’s “baby” all your life! Others, at the moment, is “three times a baby” with loads of care! Child of a living parent(s), spouse of a  husband/wife, and our Heavenly Father’s son or daughter! That’s a lot of care! Tender loving care, heartfelt care, and special care! Can somebody just say, “I love You, I love You, I love You, Lord, today, because You cared for me in such a special way, that’s why I praise you, I lift you up, I magnify your name, that’s why my heart is filled with praise!” Parental care is great, spousal care is delightful, but “Divine” care is exceptional… ain’t nothing like it! God says, “Cast ALL your cares upon Me…I care for you!” Providential care happens when times are good or bad! The greatest Parent, Abba Father, is capable of taking care of you in a special way! He’s the ONLY ONE that can handle ALL your cares!

                 No doubt about it…”THREE TIMES A BABY” is life at its best!

                                                BUT WAIT! IT GETS BETTER!

Once, I was a baby…came into this world a newborn baby. My birth parents took care of me! My living parent still provides care by her presence, her words, her life!

Once I was born again…came into a relationship with Abba Father as a newborn babe in Christ! God continues to take great care of me!

Once experiencing a relationship with Abba Father, He espoused me to His SON! I am the Bride of Christ! Now, I am the recipient of a level of care no woman will ever receive from an awesome husband! God is the Officiator of marriage! Throughout time, husbands and wives have referred to each other as, “babe!” It’s all about endearment! Babe, this….babe, that. Feelings!

     You and I will always be somebody’s babe! Whether Father God’s, parent(s), or spouse! Some of you, right now, is 3 times a baby! That’s a lot of care! Unfortunately, tangible care comes to an end at different intervals for two of those relationships….parents, and spouses! Death…divorce; both are painful. But thanks be unto God for care that continues when others leave…for care when the heart hurts really bad!

     When mother or father forsake you for any reason, when spouse forsakes you, making life painful, hurtful, even devastating, there’s One relationship that never ENDs as long as you exist! You are His child! He is your Father, Provider, Sustainer, Healer, Deliverer, and whatever else you need Him to be! God will take care of you…look out for you and be there for you! He’ll never leave or forsake you! Mother or father may cease to love you…begin showing signs they don’t want anything to do with you; God’s love never fails! Others may cease to fulfill their duty of love to you, but your Heavenly Father will never stop loving nor caring for you! He birthed you, He espoused you, He owns you! When circumstances cause you to lose focus like an ADHD child, turn your focus to His PROMISE! He CARES for YOU! Grow in knowledge of His Truth and become 3 times more confident in Him than you are now! Live as His child…without a CARE in the world! He can handle them all!

“Baby, all I can say is when you are “three times a baby”, it’s easy to be “3 times a lady…3 times a man! Care is the language of love! Love is the language of values! Care from different sources! It’s life at its best! Even if God is your primary caretaker, CARE will be exceptionally wonderful! Read St. Matt 6:25-34, St. Luke 11:9-13, St. Luke 12:7, Isaiah 49:15, Psalm 103:13-14, and be blessed!


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