Different types of “breakups” happen. How can you overcome them rather than allow them to break you down? Find out!

Cellular phone breakups

Just about everybody that reads this blog will own a “mobile phone” and likely have experienced driving or riding through a tunnel chatting on it, when not long after entering the tunnel, the call broke up and subsequently dropped. There’s a reason. A necessary connection was lost due to entering an area that reduces and stops cellular signals from reaching cell phones. You entered a “dead-zone.” The construction of tunnels makes it difficult for cellular signals to penetrate therefore calls get dropped. Bottom line, mobile phones need a cell phone tower to connect to and if blocked, calls are lost.

We broke up

But you know what, just like no one likes it when they’re on a call and it suddenly break up and drops, no-one likes a sudden “break-up” or any type of “break-up” where they’ve been dropped by another person they cared about. It happens all the time though. Right now, some young ladies, young fellas are breaking up mentally cause their mobile phone is reminiscent of a vibrant relationship once had. They can recall the many days and nights of communicating with a significant other and now they’re no longer a part of their life. No doubt, with the cell phone in hand, they want so bad to chat again, hear their voice, but then remember, “We broke up.”

“Breakups” (Christmas Movies)

Relationship break ups can have some devastating effects. Many hearts have been broken into a million pieces because of a “break-up.” You know, this is the season for Christmas movies and I declare it seems like every one of them have an episode where there’s a “break-up.” But then there’s a “make up.” Watch any Christmas movie on Lifetime, BET, Hallmark, UP, TV-One, and some of the other networks, and you will see a scene where the primary characters of the movie experience heartbreak and ultimately a “break-up.”

Broken hearts 

Whether you’re reading this before, on, or after Christmas….a “break-up” right before Christmas is not good. The departure of a family member, at any time, is not good when it’s somebody you love but right at Christmas time is like the worst time to lose someone whether its a relationship break-up or a death of a loved one. To lose a loved one and experience loneliness at Christmas time is a difficult pill to swallow. Last year and this year, many lost a loved one(s), unfortunately, due to Covid-19, or some other reason.

This holiday period, before and after, no doubt, will be challenging for many. Kids, teens, middle-aged, elderly folks are all adjusting to a new normal. Children have lost parents. Some elderly people have lost long-time spouses. This year, many more hearts are broken in pieces. A chair at the table will be empty for the first time. Instead of being cheerful and merry, many are lonely, depressed, and broken.

Broken Souls

Christmas time is about family and friends and it’s just not an idea time for a family member or close friend to depart this life. Those that grieve should know “grieving” is a part of the process of dealing with a loss. However, grief should not progress to an emotional breakup and eventual breakdown. The memory of a departed loved one is difficult to bear, no doubt. Grief can cause the bereaved to feel as if they just can’t go on in life. But there’s One who can and will give strength to breakout of grief that has the potential to take the bereaved down in a horrendous way.

Grief is inevitable when you love someone. Anger can consume a bereaved person. God has the power to help one overcome anger. Reader, the circle of life may be broken by the absence of a loved one but your life doesn’t have to become, and remain broken because of it. Your loved one would want you to live a full life. Their preference concerning you is “wholeness” rather than “brokenness!”


I mean who doesn’t like “wholesome” or “wholeness”? A piece of an apple may be desirable by some but give me the whole apple! That’s where you get the really good nutritious benefits. I prefer the “whole” of anything that’s good for me whole!

Who wants “part-time” relational love? Anything other than “full-time” love is faulty and unhealthy. You want love all day, all the time, whether it’s from a mother, father, brother, sister, or spouse. When it’s lacking, people tend to breakdown mentally and physically and do crazy things in life. Unfortunately, some of those broken people enter our lives. Why are they broken? A breakdown in communication in their younger years. No parent communicated “love” or affection to them. Today, they’re lonely, looking for love, want to be loved, but don’t know how to love.


Remember that song, Look at all the lonely people, where do they all come from? I can tell you, some people nowadays are lonely because of:

a relational break-up;
a heart break over the death of a loved one and/or;
a break in biological family connections.

Whatever the reason, “breakage” can lead people to do detrimental things to themselves. Breakage can lead to a breakdown in both physical and spiritual health. When lonely people embrace “loneliness” they have no good thoughts about themselves. Where does that loneliness take them—to a point in life where they eventually breakdown. Some even break-up with God, unfortunately.

Breakup with God

Thank God believers have many natural resources available to them in times of “breaking up” of several types. When believers “break up” with God, oh my! People are lonely. Some blame their misfortune and loneliness on God. They fall out with God thinking He took their loved one. It’s because of Him they can’t retain a relationship with someone they really like. God gets blamed for a lot of things. So who can you turn to when you’re breaking up with God? When your thoughts are against Him? The truth is there’s no other place to go. Surely you can go to a trusted confidante/counselor. Only God can give victory over “break-up” thoughts that are lies from the wicked one about Himself

Break your thoughts

When folks are lonely, they conjure up thoughts that steal their peace, their joy, but believers have a weapon that’s powerful enough to break up those thoughts that cause despair, discouragement, and eventual emotional breakdowns.

The Word is a weapon, it’s your weapon, believer, to use in combat! For the Word of the Lord is quick and powerful, sharper than any two-edged sword (Hebrews 4:12)….you want to break something in pieces, you want to slaughter those thoughts that’s attempting to steal your joy, and cheerfulness, cut it, grind it to pieces with the Word of God! Do so, and those thoughts are bound to be reduced to shambles!

    Break the curse

You may be thinking, yes, the Word is powerful but my situation is not one I can easily overcome. I hear you. And if you’re lonely because of a relational break up, think about this, you may have lost a friend for the sake of faithfully serving God, but instead of fretting, rejoice. God’s about to do some awesome things for you! About to orchestrate an awesome replacement! What if you lost a “part-time” lover and God replaces them with someone that’s going to love you like He loves His church, unconditionally!

Ladies, we both know some fellow sister girls who engage in a pattern of getting into relationships that’s not good for anybody. When others are not getting through to them, God will intervene to protect His girls. He’ll protect His children, the brothers, too, when they need to disconnect from a girl that’s no good for them. He’s not against giving anyone good things in life. What kind of good Daddy will He be if He knows and allows His kids to stay in bad relationships? Relationships that could end up being very damaging to them?

Breakup to make up

You know those Christmas movies I talk about up above, they all have a scene where the break-up becomes a beautiful “make-up.” I know that’s TV, but honey, God’s up to something in your life! If He was in on your break-up, it’s because He wants to take you “up” in your relational life. He loves you….will not allow a man to bring you down in life and vice versa, if He can help it. God prefers your life end on an “upbeat” note! Every one, I do mean every one of those Christmas movies with a “break-up” scene conclude on a “high” and “joyful” note!

Good breakups

While I know that movies are not reality and we sometimes wish they were, God will give much more than what we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20). We just have to believe when one door closes, another door will open. It will be the “winning” door! To the one that’s “breaking up” mentally over who’s no longer in your life, trust God! The breakup was for your benefit, for you to discontinue the family curse of abusive relationships. Or permitted for purposes of getting you out of a controlled relationship. Both are good reasons to break-up!

Some questions, did Jesus save you from a bad situation? Was a generational curse broken? Did God save your parent(s) from experiencing heartaches? Christmas is about the Savior of the world….Jesus Christ. He came to save from sin. He doesn’t just save from sin, He saves from potential destructive situations! How many times has He saved you from a bad accident or incident?

Breakup not mess up

God loves His people—desires to do good things for them and He will, but no one can experience them if their life is in shambles because of a bad relationship. Don’t mess up your life by holding on to what you want knowing all along it’s a bad choice. Let God lead the way, let Him have His way in your life. When God is in it, you won’t have to be concerned about a permanent “breakup.” I know it’s not easy to overcome a “breakup” but instead of “breaking up” mentally over it, trust your God.

Gimme a break

Remember this?
“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men
couldn’t put Humpty together again.” I learned that rhyme years ago—don’t really know the origin. The words make me think of God, He’s the only One that can put lives back together again. There are believers, today, who are thinking, “Gimme a break.” They feel they have taken enough of life’s hurt, pain, and breakages. All I can tell you is, “Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning (Psalm 30:5)!”

It’s not uncommon for Christians to experience breakups, breakdowns, and brokenness on serious levels. Only God can give breakthroughs. He can provide the strength needed to break out of a situation, even mend broken hearts. It’s not easy to change thoughts but read Matthew 11:29. When you yoke up with Jesus, He will make it easy! A lot may have gone on in your life but that break from despondency, grief, and heartache is coming!

Breaking of day

To the believer who has issues you want to break up with, issues you want to disconnect from your life, you and God can make it happen! I know there are some who have been living with physical, mental, and financial issues for a long time. The connection has caused heartbreak. Further, it’s not easy to come up from under them so you are down mentally from time to time. One minute you’re happy. It doesn’t last long because thoughts of your issues quickly break up your happy moments. Baby, you need to somehow break free from them! No longer allow them to have shares in your physical or mental life. Break loose from them by the power of the Word of God!

Break the cord

Too many of us accept and hold on to many things in our lives when we just need to break the cord that’s tying us to them. Some times breaking the cord means first breaking your will that’s out of alignment with His will. Is healing His will? Then don’t be willing to do nothing to help yourself out of your physical predicament!

Remember Jeremiah 29:11? Everybody knows that scripture! God says, “I know the thoughts that I think towards you. Believer, God has some good plans for your future life! Trust God in your relational and other type breakages! Better days are coming! I don’t know about you but I can see the “breaking of day!” Remember Psalm 30:5? “Joy comes in the morning.” It’s morning time, baby, time to rejoice, not break up physically or mentally! A new year is coming!

Break into a song and dance

1 Corinthians 2:8 says, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him!” God’s got some good things prepared for you in this life! Your responsibility, with God’s help: to break the chain of depression, break the stronghold of discouragement, break the curse of staying in bad relationships, break the bad habits that harm your livelihood daily. When you break with those things, then you will see God’s blessings upon your life in a way you’ve never experienced.

Go on, believer, break into a song and a dance, and praise the Lord, in advance, for what He’s going to do for you in your new year! God’s still breaking generational curses of all sorts! Go and live your life! He’s with you, in your presence daily, showering you with gifts galore this day, this hour, this season, and this new year! Enjoy them all! Happy 2022!

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