I am so delighted you are here. How I wish I could personally meet each one of you and tell you how happy I am that you have paid me a visit. Have you checked out the menu items? I hope so. It’s food for the soul. We planned it with you in mind. It’s seasoned well…..for any season of life you may be experiencing. It’s sugarless yet it’s sweet to the soul. It will put spiritual calories on you. There’s a lot on the menu. It’s buffet style so come back as often as you like. You can’t possibly eat all of it today. We’re always open. Each meal is premised on the Good Book….my favorite book. You know what, I must go….gotta get back to the kitchen and mix up some more blogs. Gotta share some more content. We want you to continue to enjoy these home cooked spiritual meals. We want them to nourish your soul. What we do, we do with you in mind, with your life’s experiences in mind. We’re from the same stock…..God’s stock. We’re the Christian race with the same appetite……so, eat what you can, stay for a few minutes or enjoy the feast for as long as you want. Nobody’s waiting for your table. It’s reserved for as long as you need it.