About Me



There’s always much more to us than what meets the eye. Those who know me, know some things about me but here’s one fact that hardly anybody but family knows…..I am full on the writings of others. Now, I’m no Charles Spurgeon who had a ferocious appetite for reading that by the end of his lifetime, he amassed a library of over 7,000 books, but I’ve purchased my small share of books over the years and read a few. I love his writings. I get his morning and evening devotionals and they are so awesome. Every morning, I marvel at his devotionals.

If a holy professional had the ability to dissect a spiritual anatomy, they would discover that mine is full of traces and pieces of the Bible and other Christian books. If I were renamed based on my anatomy, my first and last name would be Vanessa Books. If an autobiography of my Christian life is ever written, my first chapter would be entitled, “Becoming a Born Again Christian.” The second chapter would be entitled, “Vanessa Books”. After my conversion to Christianity in January 1977, the Father put a drive in my spirit (didn’t understand it at that time) to digest His Book and other Christian materials.

 My books (not the ones written by me) but that I’ve read over the years include books by authors as Watchman Nee (Walking in the Spirit, The Spiritual Man); F.B. Meyer, (Moses & Abraham); Bruce Wilkinson (Secrets of the Vine, Prayer of Jabez); Kevin J. Conner (The Tabernacle); Philip Yancey (Rumors of Another World); Gary L. McIntosh & Samuel D. Roma (Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership); and James L. Mays (The Lord Reigns). Some of the books were read more than once. They are just a few. I’ve digested the contents of books by Bishop T.D. Jakes, Joyce Meyer, Michelle McKinney Hammond, and others.

If you read my interview with NAPW who asked, “how would I occupy my time if I didn’t have to work for a paycheck”? My response was that I would read every one of the self-development, inspirational, and relationship books I had purchased over the years. 

One of my favorite readings is not a book but a monthly publication I’ve received for years called, “Herald of His Coming“. But my most beloved book is the Good Book! I’ve spent countless hours digesting and chewing on the contents of the Good Book. No one can take away the substance from the Good Book that has formed my inner man. I may have more books than I have time left on earth, but that just means that I am booked for life. When I think of the benefits of the Good Book and other books, I am booked for life! Are you ready to get booked for life?