Meet Vanessa

Vanessa Norris began her career in writing many years ago. In 2000, she served as a Contributor for a prominent online Christian-based internet website (GospelCity), dedicated to providing mainstream Christian artists with a platform for promotion of their musical projects. As a Contributor, she provided Christian content in the arena of writing articles on various segments of the Christian faith that included singlehood, womanhood, relationships, as well as biblical studies.

Vanessa worked for the Federal Government for long years and in 2015, she retired from Fleet Human Resources Office, Norfolk, where she worked as EEO Director. Throughout her EEO career, she was afforded the opportunity to write articles about EEO. She served in various capacities as Federal Women’s Program Manager, Hispanic American Program Manager, Native American Program Manager, Black Employment Program Manager, Civilian Employee Program Manager, to name a few. 

Vanessa attends Holy Light Church of Deliverance, Portsmouth, VA, where she has been a member since 1979. Past and current service to her church include: Devotional Worship Leader & Vocalist, Young Adult & Adult Sunday School Teacher, Outreach Telephone Counselor, Outreach Ministry Leader, Feed the Homeless Ministry Leader, and Singles Ministry Leader. She was awarded the title of “Woman of the Year” for her dedication to God and her church in 1981 and received the honor again after being a member for many years.

Vanessa has performed seminars and served as speaker for singles’ events. She is an alumna of Norfolk State University, Norfolk, VA, where she majored in Business Administration, however, in 1981, she graduated from Norfolk Business College. She is a VIP member of the International Association of Women (IAW) organization formerly National Association of Professional Women (NAPW).  She is also the CEO of VaNest Travels, LLC, where she conducts various types of travel business.

This is who I am