Books, Books, and More Books                 


“What Did You Want to Be? (Volume 1)” a book that reflects on the inner child in each of us, was released in December 2018 and is available for purchase! The book is a collaboration of many who reflect on their childhood dreams. The book can be purchased by contacting Dr. Gloria at email: or by calling (804) 684-2909.

“She Wouldn’t Let Me Fall” (released March 2018) …My very first book collaboration, entitled, “She Wouldn’t Let Me Fall; Faith, Forgiveness & Friendship,”  was released on March 10, 2018. The book is a collaboration of 100 women who felt compelled to tell their story for the benefit of other women. This is not just a book with stories but a book where heartfelt advice is given by many of the collaborators! For purchase, contact me! 

More Books to Come! A series of books on P.O.E.M.S is forthcoming!