Good Life!

We cater to the inner man……the most important part of man. His needs are constant; his services are necessary. His care is evidenced by his treatment of self and others, his decrease in anxiety moments, and his increase in patient endurance. Services, here, are that of a spiritual chef……cook up and serve doses of food that comes from above… replete with spiritual nutrients and essential for fattening the spirit man. Services, here, are that of a spiritual dietician…..provide knowledge that’s full of spiritual vitamins necessary for robust godly living, for cure and care of injuries that affect the spirit man, and that results in living a mature Christian life. Much “food for thought” here that will feed the mind and align thoughts to the Word of God. The benefit of infiltrating your mental cabinet with spiritual knowledge? It will do harsh damage to a mediocre Christian life thus thrusting one into the good life, the abundant life, the authentic Christian life!