The Good Book

“Marvelous & Memorable (M&M) Moments”

Psalms 118:23, This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvelous in our eyes.

Have you any moments whereby you immediately recognized, at that time, Jehovah God was working on your behalf? I guarantee you those moments exist and are copious! Life is far from “marvelous” for some, but I boldly admit I’ve had my share of marvelous moments! God has done many marvelous things! At the time of writing this, I had a marvelous moment! (“I had not prayed about something I wanted to happen….but I so desired God to work out a matter I desperately wanted and needed to get done. On the day of finalizing this ‘inspirational writing,’ the Lord did His good work! All I could think about was, “I am experiencing a “marvelous moment” right now! The experience felt really good!  There was no doubt God had graced me!”)

Marvelous moments are momentary but the memory of them last longer than a moment. There’s so much other stuff that happens in the course of a day that it’s easy to forget our marvelous moments. We experience good and bad, sunshine and rain, laughter and tears, friendships and enemies, happy and sad times, ups and downs, over the course of one day. I can go on and on with life’s swift-changing moments. Even wish to God all of life’s moments were “marvelous” and filled with “sunshine! But then I recall, “all of life’s moments have some level of value!” 

So, the next time you think about that negative situation you branded “bad” or “heartbreaking,” think about any good that proceeded from it. Was it a defining moment for you? Did God use it to bring you closer to Him? Did God miraculously allow you to escape a tumultuous relationship? Did He intervene before a situation progressed to the worst possible? Did you receive some sort of gain from your bad situation? Did the bad actions of an enemy teach you to respond as God would respond? Did your faith or knowledge increase as a result of your matter? Are you now testifying about His goodness because of His intervention and others are benefitting and standing tall because of your testimony? Only you know the ways your “life matters” worked for good or brought glory to God! The Lord was doing His good work while a bad thing was going on! We will experience bad matters; sometimes create them for ourselves but when we love God, He takes them into His hands for purposes of being true to Romans 8:28, and gives us every reason to praise Him for some sort of goodness derived from them! No, the situation wasn’t good but God did a marvelous thing when He sprinkled Roms 8:28 all over the situation, and their only response was, “This is the Lord’s doing, let us align ourselves to the will of this powerful God!”

Reader, you’ve had many marvelous moments! You will continue to have them, and when you do, recognize at that moment, “It’s the Lord’s doing; it’s marvelous in my eyes!” Don’t stop there, take time and bask in it, appreciate God for it, and savor the memory of it in your own way! These marvelous & memorable (m&m) moments will come in handy in future days! Like a child, receive them! They’re from the hand of God…destined to be sweet to the soul! Enjoy the flavors…..He dispenses them in different colors (red – healing; blue – heavenly knowledge; green – money; yellow – sunny days; brown – all kinds of sweet blessings)! Reader, enjoy your m&m moments in life! As you think on them… you digest them, they will do you good! They’re sweet moments straight from God that will make you say, “mm mm good!” For the LORD is GOOD! 

The Good Book

The Good Book is ranked as the world’s most read book, has sold 3.9 billion copies, however, many more copies have been given away for free. That means the Good Book has been purchased, read, and shared more than any other book. It has been given as gifts more than any other book. It’s the most powerful book. The most accurate book. The most sacred book. The most loved book. No other book surpasses it. That’s why I call it “The Good Book”!