Ways a book can transform your life.

There are many books on every topic imaginable. There are not an equal amount of books that transform its reader. There are  benefits to staying in a healthy environment where dreams are supported, positive affirmations are practiced, and good behavior and success is applauded. The benefits may not manifest immediately but will become evident in time. Likewise, a book that transforms may not manifest immediately but will become evident in time. Books make you wiser, smarter, and better. Many successful people read books. They believe that reading helps you grow and expand. Many wealthy businessmen and women are advocates of reading. Bill Gates revealed he reads about 50 books per year. Oprah Winfrey has stated she reads a book per month. Why should you seize opportunities to read? The benefits are rewarding. Why should you never neglect reading the Good Book? You will rob yourself of living your BEST life!

Check out some ways a book transforms a life:

  • It will give a sense of belonging. It will remind you that you are not alone in life and your struggles and experiences are shared by the author.
  • It will impart something you didn’t know……a fact, a theory, a point of view, an emotion.
  • It will humble you. It will teach you something. When you accept its teaching by implementing it, you’ve engaged in an act of humility.
  • It will open your eyes to self. It will cause you to see yourself as if you were looking in a mirror. When you read something that has you nodding and thinking, yes, that is how it is, you’ve just found a part of yourself. The words written by an author who’s likely a stranger helped you connect with you.
  • It will transform a present moment. Reading helps you remain calm. It’s therapeutic. Once you start digging into a good book that’s caught your attention, time ceases to exist, your mind is completely immersed in what is in front of you. When you are fully engaged in a book, reading makes you stop rushing or running from one point to the next. Instead, you are where you need to be, right here, doing this….all other things are secondary. The worries, anguish, fears, and ambitions of a moment ago are boxed away in a container that read, “for later”.
  • It will impart joy. Reading should be pleasurable. The amount of time and space you invest should be an investment, not a cost. The return on this investment should be some sort of joy….a joy in having read or experienced it, a joy in having learned from it. Read what enriches your life and your life will change because of it.
  • It will change behaviors. When you change, others around you will react positively to your transformation.


Some ways above are premised on the article, “7 ways a book can transform a life” by Himay Zepeda.